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The Guilford Parks and Recreation Department acknowledges the importance of an active, lively community by providing recreational opportunities for the Town of Guilford. The town promotes this through the abundance of parks, beaches, facilities and various programs available to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.



Encouraging an active and involved lifestyle is important in raising healthy children. Knowing this, the Guilford Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of recreational programs for children ranging in age from infants and toddlers to high school students. Programs differ from season to season, and include various programs for children interested in sports like basketball, soccer, gymnastics and golf. For children interested in more unique activities, the Parks and Recreation Department provides martial arts, Irish step dancing, skiing, acting, cooking and many other opportunities for kids to stay active and involved with their peers from the Guilford community. For the full list of current activities available for your children, and to register, please click here.



Parks and Recreation Programs are not strictly limited to children. The Guilford Parks and Rec Department provides many opportunities to encourage adults to lead more active lifestyles. By participating in sports, dance, and other physical activities, staying fit can be enjoyable again! Other activities provided include CPR, cooking, and boating classes. To view the full listing of activities offered for adults in the Guilford community, and to register, please click here.


The Guilford Senior Citizens Program provides services, programs and trips for seniors and active adults over 55. The goal is to promote independence, creativity, social networking and involvement in the community. Services offered include day and overnight trips to various locations, language, crafts, and exercise programs, transportation within the Town of Guilford, hot meals served at the Nathanael B. Greene Community Center, and education through the SILL program (Shoreline Institute of Lifelong Learning). For more information, view the Seniors and Active Adults page. To register for events, please click here.

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