Policies and Forms Guilford Parks
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Policies and Forms

Policies and Forms

Guilford Parks Forms

Pavilion Use Form
A pavilion use form should be filled out for approval to use a Pavilion at Jacobs Beach or Lake Quonnipaug.
Download:  Pavilion Use Form

Birthday Party Form – Use Community Center Use Form
This form should be filled out if inquiring about having a Birthday Party at the Community Center. 

Community Center Room Use Form
This form should be filled out if you would like to use a room in the Community Center for a meeting or other event.
Room Use Information
Download: Room and Waiver

Field Use Form
This form should be filled out if you would like to use the turf field at Guilford High School or any other Town sports field.
Download: FacilityField Use Form

Boat Rack Registration form
This form should be filled out if you would like to rent a boat rack at Jacob’s Beach for the Summer Season.
Download: Boat Rack Form 2024

Leete (Parlor)
Capacity 24 persons
551 SQ.ft.


Quonnipaug (Crafts)
Capacity 25-50 persons
742 SQ.ft.
Sachem (Pre-School)
Capacity 20-30 persons
768 SQ.ft.


Chaffinch/Chittenden (Exercise Room)
Capacity 20-30 persons
1078 SQ.ft.
Alexander Lounge (Seniors)
Capacity 15-30 persons
425 SQ.ft.


Keeping Room
Capacity 8-15 persons
247 SQ.ft.

Game Room
Capacity 20 persons
676 SQ.ft.


Capacity 40-70 persons
1050 SQ.ft.

Capacity Large
3427 SQ.ft.

Guilford (Large Activity Room)
Capacity 175-300 persons
2116 SQ.ft.
Service Area
Capacity few people
200 SQ.ft.
Capacity 30-50 persons
707 SQ.ft.
Whitfield (Dining Area)
Capacity 50-100 persons
1311 SQ.ft.


Cancellation Policy The Recreation Department reserves the right to set a minimum and maximum for each program and to cancel any program due to low enrollment or weather conditions. One week prior to a program start date a decision will be made to cancel or run the program.
Inclement Weather Weather line: (203) 453-8134
Program cancellations are announced on the weather line. If school is canceled due to inclement weather, day programs are cancelled. After school and evening program cancellations will be announced on the weather line. If school is delayed, recreation programs begin as scheduled. Weather updates can also be found on the Home Page.
Participation Participants may only attend the day and time of the program for which they are registered. Only persons registered in a program may participate in that program. Sorry, but visitor/family will not be allowed in classroom unless invited by the instructor.
Program Age Instructors design and develop classes which are age appropriate, therefore, participant must meet that age requirement.
Makeup Classes Every effort will be made to makeup any cancelled class date. However, due to extenuating circumstances, this is not always possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. No refunds will be given.
Refund Policy Since programs are self-supporting and commitments need to be made to instructors and staff, the following is the department’s refund policy. Please read carefully before registering for a program.

  • A full refund will automatically be given for any program cancelled by the Department.
  • Full refunds, minus a $10 processing fee, will be given when requested in writing up to one week prior to the start of a program.
  • Once the decision has been made to run a particular program, no refund will be given, minus a $10 processing fee or there is a medical emergency and a doctor’s note must be provided.
  • No refunds will be given for any used portion of a program.
No Smoking Policy In support of providing positive adult role modeling behavior for our children, the Guilford Parks and Recreation Department has adopted a policy that bans smoking in parks and recreation facilities.
Special Needs Policy Individuals who need reasonable accommodations in order to participate are welcome in all programs offered by the Parks and Recreation Department. S.A.R.A.H. Inc., works with us to determine necessary accommodations for people with special needs in order to make programs available to all community members. Our programs and services are designed to be consistent with the principles of inclusion, natural supports, normalization and least restrictive environments.
Scholarship Scholarships are available for all programs based on eligibility, please inquire.